The Sungu Restaurant

The Sungu restaurant is designed in a unique setting, eye catching with a good ambiance and surrounding by romantic atmosphere of art. Table setting includes flower or a single frangipani flower in a simple stone vase. Burning insent will bring you onto spiritual situations.

Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with seating capacity of thirty arrangements. No dress code requirements. Hotel guests have first priority on seating however outside guests are always welcome. Dining offers classical local Indonesian specialties.

Service style is friendly, warm and relaxed. Staff takes the time to talk with guests when possible. Uniforms are in natural fabrics with subtle earth tone colors and Balinese design in accordance with the sungu style.
Prices are in line with other international standard restaurants in Ubud, but offer slightly better value. Give more to a guest and we will get back more from them – guests will return (Karma)

Our restaurant will open starting 06.30 am. to 22.30 pm.
Breakfast time : 06.30 am. to 11.30 am.
Lunch time : 11.45 am. to 16.30 pm.
Dinner time : 17.30 pm. to 10.30 pm.