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Bali Ethnicity

Perfection, beauty and value sanctify the Outstanding Sungu Resort and Spa

As regional favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia, Bali has been receiving a variety of praises describing for its exoticism. The famous Ubud, renown for its long lasting image of beautiful panoramas plus arts and culture is an exclusive tourist area. Ubud has always become one of the destinations for tourists and visitors Bali who have high expectations.

Of course, tourism stakeholders on this island will try their best to make sure tourists/visitors to meet their expectations about Bali. Those who make their living from tourism, strive to provide the expected satisfaction towards the tourists with their best industry and services. One of such Balinese who works in this hospitality industry is nonetheless but I Gede Geria who is the general Manager of the Ubud based Sungu Resort. Geria reiterates his commitment that in his capacity, he would not allow if a tourist returns to their country with a slight disappointment. For this reason, he gives us a few tricks on how his property maintains tourists’ satisfaction in his ideal accommodation.

Its the beauty in the ethnic Balinese, excellent customer service and strong spiritual value known as the Taksu Bali, that makes The Sungu Resort a very special place for International tourists and domestic visitors. The sense of traditional ethnic atmosphere at the Sungu’s is apparent through many of objects on every corner of the building villas located at the tourist village Penestanan, Ubud in Gianyar. This traditional and ethnic aura is not only visible in every detail and ornamentation of the building, but also palpable on the choices of furniture that decorate the villa. As said by I Gede Geria the traditional touches to the design of building villas in The Sungu Resort and Spa, has been presented at the villa to respond the viral tendency for a futuristic modern look among tourists accommodations that is now plaguing Bali. On the contrary to the tendency for massive overbuilt modern villas and accommodations, of which many of them just disregard the Bali ethnic and traditional touches, Gede Geria wants his guests to feel the real atmosphere of traditional Bali where they can feel the touch, the feeling and the senses of Bali.

The barn-shaped building of The Sungu Resort is is unique. This resort and spa looks solid in between the rows of other buildings. This type of building was actually used by the Balinese in the past to store and keep their crop yields as food supply. Gede Geria explains that maintaining and caring for the barn-shaped building is a form of respect to Dewi Sri, the figure of Goddess of prosperity responsible for protecting the welfare of farmers. “The Sung represents our acknowledgement that we have been blessed with the fertile agrarian land where farmers live their life.”

The Sungu building has also got some modification touches in the form of unique decorative accents to give comforting feeling at the exclusive villa. The barn-shaped building has now become an icon of The Sungu Resort and Spa. Gede Geria reveals his high commitment to maintain this unique traditional structure that he wishes to pass on to the next generation. This very commitment proudly becomes the Sungu’s Heritage Concept.

Gede Geria also wishes to show one of the Balinese characters – a gesture of sincere hospitality inherited from the ancestors who led simple and yet deep philosophy of life called yadnya. This Balinese philosophy of the Law of Karma Phala that means “Do sincere good deeds without expecting rewards” is strongly believed by the Balinese as a reminder of the cause and effect guiding principle.

The Human resources in Bali is well known and they are recognized in the field of hospitality. With the concept of “Tat Tvam Asi” (you are me and I am you) the Balinese strive to treat others just like one treats oneself. Thus, this Bali hospitality services prioritizing sincerity and honesty are also adopted by all the staff at the Sungu. “In The Sungu, all of our staff come from Bali,” Geria further explains hoping that the resort can help local communities with employment that currently desperately needed the people of Bali.

The Sungu property is quite small in terms of number of rooms. It’s only got as many as the 15 rooms that the resort deserves the nickname “Small is Beautiful“. The Sungu Resort and Spa continues to strive to keep the image of Ubud as an exclusive renown for its Arts and Culture which is the source of unending prosperity. With that Gede Geria is confident that resort he ménages could become one of Ubud preferred and respected accommodations.

The word Sungu is a Balinese word that refers to the sea shell or sangka-kala (trumpet of the soul). These type of trumpets were used earlier times as a means of communication (to call, invite or give an announcement to the people/ tribes in other area). In fact, in many traditions and ancient beliefs, a Sungu was used as a mean for healing one’s souls experiencing a sick condition either physically or spiritual, for awakening one’s motivation when one’s esteem was low and also for establishing a communicational link between the people at different places and at different times. Three circles around the Sungu instrument create a special sound or a tone usually used by a king to call or summon his/her people, or to communicate from one king to another king, as well as a form of communication link between man and God the Creator. With the sacred name Sungu, Gede Geria hopes that by bearing the name The Sungu Resort and Spa this resort will be blessed with a taksu (spiritual power) and its reverberations will be heard up to foreign countries. With the tagline: Supreme, Serene and sacred, “The Sungu” is expected to contribute more in the tourism industry in Bali in the future.

The Sungu Resort and Spa offers different types of rooms that can be obtained by visitors, including Sungu Superior, Deluxe Sungu, Duplex Villa Sungu and Pool Villa Sungu. Not only presenting a comfortable dwelling, The Sungu Resort and Spa also has a range of amenities to complement the holiday atmosphere to the guests. On this property there is a swimming pool offering full privacy so guests get a personal atmosphere for the use of these facilities. The Sungu also provides in-house Balinese spa to pamper guests with the convenience of full relaxation healing touch of fatigue.

A specially designed restaurant will pamper guests to have a romantic atmosphere not only with the well fusion of cooked Balinese, Indonesian and Western culinary but also with the art paintings) all around the wall of the restaurant. These artworks will give the impression that the diners are dining in the middle of a fine art gallery.

The Sungu Resort strives to stay natural and healthy. Traditional and organic Afternoon Tea and snacks as well as Balinese Cake made without artificial sweeteners are offered freely for the guests.

For tourists who come together with their beloved sons and daughters, The Sungu Resort offers a free guided walking program through the lush green rice fields track. Guests can see the real panorama of rice fields. For guests’ convenience, a shuttle to various arts venues Area Bali Ubud is also free of charge. And for the tourists who crave to see the works of famous Balinese artists Maestro in Rudana Museum and Rudana Fine Art Gallery, The Sungu Resort also will give you a ticket to visit for free with transportation.

The Sungu Resort and Spa is not a big resort that stands majestically on a large area. However, with little concept full of beauty, it gives its visitors a life time the impression. Ethnic experience from an agrarian society – the barn shaped building, typical friendly and cheerful survives of the people who live in agrarian or rural villages will give the guests memorable stay to its guests. If you want more information, please visit our website and email us at:

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