Silent Day in Bali

NYEPI Or SILENT Day is Balinese New Year Caka 1938. It is one of the most important and unusual festival day occur on the spring sols lee. Tremendous offering and sacrifices made on the last day of the old year throughout the island to both the god and ancestor and all the evil spirit, which lurk about in the shadows. These are intended to propitiate the minions of the supernatural sphere and cleanse the earth in preparation of the New Year. On the Nyepi Day there are no fire, no lights, no traveling and no activities at all 24 hours. The celebration last for 3 days as following process,

  1. Tawur Kesanga ( pengerupukan) March 8th 2016
    Exactly one day before Nyepi, all villages in Bali hold a large exorcism ceremony at the main village cross road, the meeting place of demons. They usually make Ogoh-ogoh (the fantastic monsters or evil spirits or the Butha Kala made of bamboo) for carnival purposes. The Ogoh-ogoh monsters symbolize the evil spirits surrounding our environment, which have to be got rid of from our lives. Tawur Kesanga is performed in every level of society, from the people’s house. In the evening, the Hindus celebrating Ngerupuk, start making noises and light burning torches and set fire to the Ogoh-ogoh in order to get the Bhuta Kala, evil spirits, out of our lives. This cleansing ritual is critical to guarantee the prosperity of the New Year.
  2. Nyepi March 9th 2016
    On Nyepi day itself, every street is quiet – there are nobody doing their normal daily activities. There is usually Pecalangs (traditional Balinese security man) who controls and checks for street security. No traffic is allowed, not only cars but also people, who have to stay in their own houses. Light is kept to a minimum or not at all, the radio or TV is turned down and, of course, no one works. Even love making, this ultimate activity of all leisure times, is not supposed to take place, nor even attempted. The whole day is simply filled with the barking of a few dogs, the shrill of insect and is a simple long quiet day in the calendar of this otherwise hectic island. On Nyepi the world expected to be clean and everything starts anew, with Man showing his symbolic control over himself and the “force” of the World, hence the mandatory religious control. Please take your dinner at hotel restaurant or in your Villa’s at 18:00 PM. Hotel will prepare some candles at night time.
  3. Ngembak Geni March 10th 2016
    Life is going back as normal on this day that so called Ngembak Geni. The Balinese however are going to visit their family and relatives to wish them luck and happiness.

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