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Miss Tourism Indonesia visited The Sungu Resort

She is attractive, slender and beautiful to the eye. However, it’s not only the physical sight that made him charming. Her speech, gestures and the way she expresses herself, as well as her comprehensive understanding of tourism make tourism stakeholders want to talk to her. At least, that is the impression that emerged when she visited Ubud in Bali.

Arrived at The Sungu Resort before lunch, Dikna Faradiba, Miss Tourism Indonesia 2015 turned up without wearing her fashion show gown that she must wear when she has to appear in tourism promotional events. The Staff at The Sungu Resort did not know what background this guest has, but in any case they are fascinated by her beauty. Turning up simple in her elegance, adorning a pair of light blue jeans and a fairly bright top, with long black hair Faraf, her nick name, did not immediately go to her room boutique hotel. She chose to walk slowly, gazing to the hotel beautiful landscape filled with lush green trees, among trinkets of cultural objects around the hotel pavilion, as well as private swimming pool in each villa. “Here, I really feel relaxed, comfortable and peaceful. I am relieved from my busy schedule that I should keep. “, I think part it is also the homey-professional services that make this boutique hotel an example of a good tourism.” she said while sipping a glass of fresh organic welcome drink.

Farah, the Miss Tourism Indonesia 2015 is very actively promoting Indonesian tourism to the entire corner of the archipelago. Her job is increasingly strenuous and yet she on keen on learning more about Indonesian tourism with its outstanding cultures. Her visit this time to Bali is not the first one. Her visit this time aims to help improve tourism and to explore ideas of culture that can be learned to be promoted to other areas. For Farah, wandering around Indonesia is her duty, and staying in hotels becomes a kind of habit that must be lived anyway.

Coming with her personal assistant, in Bali Farah is full of activity. She is to meet multiple stakeholders and tourism and culture figures before he continuing her journey to other areas.

As a result a short stint visit in Bali Farah gets a lot of ideas and knowledge, and cultural tourism she is ready to transmit to other areas. So, what kind impression did Farah get from her short visit in Bali. “…actually, I’m not feeling that I am staying in a hotel when in the Sungu Resort. I feel at home away from home. To me, the Sungu Resort does not give the impression of a commercial hotel. The Sungu Resort feels like a home. “. In The Sungu Resort each corner gives an aura of peace and Farah goes the energy back. Perhaps, this is what made her make The Sungu Resort her future accommodation choice. Thanks to the atmosphere in The Sungu Resort Faraf did not feel her job like tiring duty. “Of course I’ll come back here to find peace, tranquility in an atmosphere of spiritual aura. The Sungu Resort indeed live up to its motto – Supreme, Serene, and the Sacred, “she reiterates to Gede Geria, General Manager of The Sungu Resort. If you want more information, please visit our website and email us at:

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