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Palm Leaf Creations

Palm Leaf Creations in the life of the Balinese ritual ceremony, there is always the Sajen or Offering to God. With the knife and bamboo pins, the Balinese woman creates out of palm leaf an amazing variety of offering components and ritual ornaments for the ceremony.

The simple beauty of “Sampian/Canang Sari” is a Palm leaf creation, which decorates the top offering and serves as a base for flower and betel chewing ingredients. Sampian/Canang sari will be placed on the top of “GEBOGAN” or Balinese Fruits arrangement. We would like to invite you to learn the Balinese Palm leaf creation from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm at the poolside. While you join these activities, refreshment or afternoon tea with Balinese Cake will be served.

US$ 35 net/person
Duration 2 hours

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