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Niang Resto

The Sungu Resort & Spa has formally launched one more outlet in addition to its high-quality facilities. This new addition to the Sungu’s services is called Niang Resto. By the name of it, one would know that it is a new type of restaurant. But, what kind? What sets it apart from the other restaurant it has already had around this vicinity? And, what does the word Niang mean?

The idea of developing Niang Resto was conceived when The Sungu Resort & Spa was in the process of renovating its villas. With more clients and tourists’ staying at the resort, the demand for a more complete and better menu at the former Sungu restaurant was also getting bigger and bigger. But, it was not only the quantity (more cuisines) that became the concern for the Sungu Resort’s management and owners. The Sungu knew very well the quality of the food is much more in demand by the clients. Therefore, rather than adding more variety to its menu, The Sungu decided to create and launch the Niang Resto after a long and thorough development of its concept and menu to provide more options for food and beverages. The Balinese word Niang means the revered royal ancestors. In their culture and tradition, the Balinese people pay high respect to those who have attained a state of spiritual freedom after this life on earth. They would do their utmost to give the best offerings to their ancestors in the form of banten consisting of a variety of fruits and flowers to symbolize food for the soul and the spirit. However, it is not only the physical food, fruits, and flowers, that become the symbol of the link between the people and their ancestors. It is the spiritual sign of sincere devotion from the living to those whom they considered freed from worldly desires.

It is with the concept of sincere devotion to give the utmost that Niang Resto was finally chosen to represent the newest Sungu’s culinary venture. Hoping to meet the standard quality demanded by the guests staying at the villa, or other clients who come especially to enjoy its food and beverages, Niang Resto has created several fusion of traditional and international cuisines well-liked by international diners from different countries. The kind of satisfaction that we want our clients and guests to feel and receive hopefully exceeds their admiration for beautifully presented menus and deliciously cooked cuisine. In fact, we want them to feel entirely satisfied within and without. The simple and yet marvelous cuisine we present would hopefully satisfy the insatiable need for physical food. And, our sincere services with the surrounding atmosphere of the resort would relieve their thirst for special and personal treatment for every dining need.

Come and be served in the way we serve our royal ancestors!
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