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About – The Sungu

Each word of Supreme, Serene and Sacred (adjective words from supremacy, serenity and sacredness) depicts the philosophy of the newly rebranded The Sungu resort and spa. The triple Sā€™s as adopted by the Sungu reflects the very fundamental philosophy of the Balinese. Firstly, these words, respectically translate as bhur, bwah and swa, secondly they also can represent the very iconic underlying principles of Balinese people: Tri Hita Karana.

The Sungu ā€“ The Sungu is a Balinese word referring to seashell, shankh, conch or in Bahasa Indonesia sangkakala. It is a trumpet made of seashell used in the past as a means of telecommunication (for calling, inviting people, or alarming people, normally of different tribes). As a trumpet, in a few of ancient traditions, even in certain current beliefs the sungu has been used as a symbol of a sacred instrument whose sound to heal the unhealthy soul, to wake up the sleeping and or/ to congregate people of differing times and places. Three circles making an instrument that produces a special sound ā€“ a certain calling, normally from a raja (a king) to his people, to another king or to open a dialogue with the divine being.

The newly designed Sungu bears three circles: the big one, middle, and the center. Each of these three circles represents a deep philosophy.

Outer circle: Bhur, Mandala Manusia
In Balinese philosophy bhur is a word referring to a place where passions are. The word Bhur can also mean the Earth, on which we are born and sustained. It is the place where mankind carries on their activity. Therefore, the outer circle of the sungu represents the social interaction amongst human beings. With this philosophy in mind, the Sungu pays upmost focus on the supreme services to whoever uses its products. Supreme commitment in its ability to give the best in its hospitality industry.

Midle circle: bwah, Mandala Alam
This is where mankind is contact with its surrounding, including the nature and spiritual forces. Represented with the concept of in harmony with the environment. Therefore, in this realm, mankind becomes aware of the existence of forces, spiritual and physical, outside of their own existence. Serenity (peace) is the symbol of the symbiosis between mankind and their environment.

Center circle: swa, Mandala alam
Mankind can only attain if they are in harmony with themselves, their environment and their sense of spirituality. Here at the Sungu, aspect of spirituality is also our utmost consideration, therefore activities carried out at the Sungu will have spiritual significance. As many sites in Bali are sacred we also pay highest respect the spiritual traditions as carried out by all staff of the Sungu.

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